Education Technology

Applications of Equations

Activity Overview

Students will apply equations to a real-world problem about the number of people attending a museum. They will study the parts of an equation that represents the situation. Then, students will use a dynamic model to find the solution to the equation and interpret what the result means in the real-world situation.


• Solving an equation with a real-world application.
• Creating an equation to represent a real-world problem.
• Recognize values of the variable that would not make sense for a real-world problem.



• equation
• variable

About the Lesson

• This lesson is a follow-up lesson to the activity From Expressions to Equations.
• This lesson involves understanding how to translate a real-world problem into an equation. The emphasis is on helping students understand how the variable in the equation relates to the answer in the problem.
• Students will slide a point attached to an arrow along a number line to solve the equation.