Education Technology

Not Just a Good Idea - It's the Law!

Activity Overview

This activity collects the decrease in temperature from the cooling of a baked potato. This data is analyzed to find a regression equation.

Before the Activity

Use a microwave and Bake the Potatoes that the students will be using. If you do not have a temperature sensor to collect the data, use a thermometer and a stop watch to collect the data manually. Provide students with the written directions.

During the Activity

Allow the students to collect the data. The analysis may need to be done the next day. Students may need help when they compare their results to Newton's Law of Cooling.

After the Activity

Have the students' share their results with the rest of the class. Sample data has been provided in the answer key.
This activity was done with teachers who collected data for an hour. The data collected in the hour was sufficient to produce an exponential function that can be compared to Newton's Law of Cooling.