Education Technology

Introduction to Quadratic Equations

Activity Overview

This activity allows students to gain an understanding of quadratic equations. They will begin by using a Lists and Spreadsheet page to find the y-values of a specific function. They will then plot the x and y-values using a scatter plot to see the shape of the parabola. On top of this scatter plot, they will graph the function. They will then graph a quadratic equation and explore the graph to find the maximum or minimum and the roots and look at the function table.

Before the Activity

Before the activity, students should know how to graph a line using a table and how to graph a line by typing in the function.

During the Activity

This activity is meant to be teacher-led with the students following along on their handheld. There is no student worksheet, because they will be doing all of the exploration on their handheld. The .tns file and a copy of a completed .tns file are also attached.