Education Technology

Football Scores

Activity Overview

Students will determine the possible combinations of scoring events in a football game to reach a specific end score.


Students will explore the following concepts in this activity:

  • addition
  • multiplication
  • problem solving

About the Lesson

To introduce the activity, read Miss Nelson Has a Field Day to the students. Discuss football scores with the students. Distribute the student activity sheet and have students read the details regarding the problem they will be solving.

 The Problem: How could the game score be 77 to 4?

Review the four problem solving steps with students:

  • Understanding the problem
  • Making a plan
  • Carrying out the plan
  • Evaluating the solution
Students will present their information and create a class chart of all the different score combinations. Students will also use their TI-15 calculator to practice Addition and multiplication: Using parentheses.