Education Technology

Linear Changes

Activity Overview

There are 3 problems in this activity, each requiring student interaction with the TI-nspire handheld, each producing immediate on-screen dynamic results. The students will be editing linear functions and observing the changes in the graphs, first changing slopes and then changing the y-intercept. Students will also grab & move the graphed line and observe the changes of the on-screen equation.

Before the Activity

Teacher will need to download the file into each students TI-nspire handheld unit.
Print-out and make copies of the student worksheet/directions.
Before starting the lesson the teacher should have reviewed function notation and the slope/intercept form of linear equations.

During the Activity

The worksheet given to students has detailed directions for this lesson. It is the teacher's choice whether the students are to enter their answers on the handheld, to be saved, or have the students write their answers on the worksheet, to be turned in. Each student should produce independent work, but allowing students to work within a group setting can assist students in a deeper understanding of the concepts.