Education Technology

"Building" Rational Functions

Activity Overview

This lesson has students "build" rational functions when given criteria concerning discontinuities and asymptotes.

Before the Activity

Print out the student handout. And download the ten example files.
This activity could be done in groups or alone.
This is also a good review activity.

During the Activity

There are 10 different Activity Center files, one for each example. All they do is project the asymptotes. Students should submit their equations to see if they "fit" the asymptotes. For examples 7, 8, and 10, you can not plot a "hole", so just plot the hole as a point in the lists. The Equation tab will then verify whether the function is undefined or not at that point.

You might want everybody to submit their graphs at once and hide them all. Then reveal to the class one at a time to verify whether it fits or not.