Education Technology

Getting to Know Your Nspire - A Scavenger Hunt

Activity Overview

This activity is a scavenger hunt on the Nspire. It serves as a way for students to explore some of the features of the original TI-Nspire device. It also encourages them to try things on the calculator.

Before the Activity

Before beginning this activity, download the scavenger hunt worksheet. Each student should have a copy of the worksheet and an Nspire to use.

During the Activity

During the activity, students may have questions on how to fix errors and obtain the correct answers. It is strongly encouraged that the teacher has worked through the scavenger hunt before giving it to the students.

After the Activity

After the activity, encourage students to share their frustrations, discoveries, and reaction to the Nspire. It is also a good time to show the students how to perform some of the basic operations that will be used in their course.