Education Technology

Writing Linear Functions with Traffic Tickets

Activity Overview

Students will use traffic tickets to demonstrate their understanding of writing linear functions.

Before the Activity

Students should have an understanding of writing linear functions from given real world situations.
Students should also know how to use the table feature, the graph feature, and the home screen to solve linear functions on their graphing calculator.
You will need to fill in the traffic tickets (document attached) with different miles per hour over the speed limit (may want to use some of your students names for student buy in). Run off the fee schedule on the back of the traffic ticket (also same document as ticket).

During the Activity

Divide students' into groups and give each group a speeding ticket with a specific amount over the speed limit.
Also, print some that ask students to use table feature, some that use graph feature, and some that use the home screen (these are all different attached files).

After the Activity

Discuss with students the outcomes of these tickets. Have each group share with the class how they came to their outcomes.