Education Technology

Transformation Review

Activity Overview

Students will review translations, rotations, and reflections.

Before the Activity

Load the Activity Settings in the given file.

During the Activity

Have students log in to TI-Navigator and select Activity Center. Start the Activity. Give the students the original coordinates of the vertices: A(-3, 8), B(3, 8), C(6, 0), D(3, -8), E(-3, -8), F(-6, 0) since the hexagon does not show on their calculator screen. Assign each vertex to a group of students so that the class is evenly divided between the vertices. Have students choose a type of transformation. Direct students to move their cursor according to your instructions. Then, give appropriate instructions based on their chosen transformation to transform the hexagon. Each student will move 'their'vertex to the correct location based on your instructions. The translated, rotated, or reflected hexagon' vertices should be seen. Discuss with the class any points that are not in the correct place. Use the 'List-Graph' tab to see the ordered pairs and adjust them appropriately. Repeat process for the same type of transformation until students seem easily able to move vertices to correct location based on your instructions. Once a particular transformation type has been reviewed, have students select a different type of transformation. Repeat the above process for this type of transformation. Continue this process until translations, rotations, and reflections have been reviewed.

After the Activity

Dilations can be reviewed in the same way if appropriate for the grade level.