Education Technology

Nspired Crossword NC

Activity Overview

This activity is designed for students completely new to TI-nspire. No mathematical knowledge is required to complete this task. Students complete a crossword puzzle where the clues relate to application menus and the answers are the menu items. The activity helps students navigate TI-Nspire and become familiar with the menus.


This is an introductory activity and does not require any specific mathematical knowledge.The purpose of the activity is to provide experience and familiarity with the range of applications and menus available on the TI-Nspire CX CAS.


Calculator, Graphs, Geometry, Lists and Spreadsheets, Notes Applications,

About the Lesson

Students are provided with a page of clues such as Graphs > View > Grid, which means the answer is on the Graphs application under the View menu followed by the sub menu Grid. Some answers have two options so students sometimes need to complete other clues first to complete a given question.