Education Technology

Vertical and Horizontal Translations, Stretches and Shrinks of Functions

Activity Overview

Students will perform a hands-on exercise that demonstrates how various functions translate (horizontally and vertically), stretch, and shrink. A five-question quiz is also attached at the end of the exercise.

Before the Activity

It is recommended that the teacher review the exercise to determine whether or not the students need to do each part of every transformation or simply do all of exercises for the first transformation and then move to the summary graphs of the subsequent exercises (recommended), so that they can draw generalizations about how functions are transformed, stretched, and shrunk.

During the Activity

Based upon the teacher's determination of the students' needs, the students would do the assigned pages of the TI-Nspire document, recording their answers on the worksheet provided.

After the Activity

On pages 1.30-1.35, there is a short quiz to ascertain whether or not the students understand the concepts of transformations, stretches, and shrinks of functions.