Education Technology

Plotting Coordinates: Big Dipper Activity

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will practice plotting points on the coordinate plane by using the TI-Navigator System. A picture of the Big Dipper is placed as the background image in Activity Center, and students are asked to plot points along the outline of the image.

Before the Activity

Before starting the activity in Activity Center, load the BigDipper.act activity setting. This will place an image of the Big Dipper as the background image in Activity Center and will allow students to submit list data for the x and y values of a coordinate.

During the Activity

Have students log in to NavNet. Start the activity in Activity Center and have students enter Activity Center through NavNet. Students will see L1 and L2 on their calculator screens. Inform students that L1 will represent the x-coordinate and L2 will represent the y-coordinate. The activity is set to allow students to resubmit data, so if they are not happy with their coordinate, they can change it by typing over their original value(s) and pressing the soft key for SEND. Ask students to plot points along the outline of the Big Dipper. Consider giving bonus points or a prize to students who plot points directly on top of the stars that make the Big Dipper.

After the Activity

As a continuation of the activity, use the hand tool in Activity Center to move the origin of the coordinate plane to a different position on the image and restart the activity, allowing students to plot more points.