Education Technology

Linear Equation Investigation

Activity Overview

Students are given a real-life situation (cost of a birthday party) they must create an algebraic equation, table of values, and a scatterplot of the table that is created. They are asked to explain patterns that they observed in each type of representation and also check their accuracy when creating the graph.

Before the Activity

Teacher preparation:
Complete the activity to prepare yourself for the discussion that may take place in regards to the equation used, where the values in the numerical table should end and begin as well as the difference between discrete and continuous data in case the question is asked.

During the Activity

I suggest completing this activity as a final assignment for investigating linear equations. There are a lot of concepts that are investigated in this activity. Students should feel comfortable with creating a scatter plot from a table of values.
This activity is to be used as a tool that links an equation, table, and scatter plot together in a summary format in regards to a linear relationship.

After the Activity

Summary and Extension question packet can be assigned as homework to wrap up the investigation. Students do not need the hand held to complete this packet