Education Technology

Building Perspectives - App

Activity Overview

Students use this App to develop their spatial visualization skills. They work with front, back, right, and left views of buildings in a city block to determine the height of each building in the city plan.

Before the Activity

  • See the attached PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity
  • During the Activity

    Follow the Activity procedures:

  • Select Building option under the App menu
  • Select the city size
  • For the front view, record the heights of buildings in the front row in appropriate slots on the city plan
  • Hide buildings to view buildings behind it and record the heights of the next row of buildings
  • Change the view and record the heights
  • Record the heights of all buildings in the city plan and check to see if the building heights recorded are correct
  • Revise incorrect values
  • After the Activity

    Review student answers:

  • As a class, discuss spatial relations