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Atomic Structure and Periodic Table - Lesson Guide

Activity Overview

In this Science Nspired module, students will explore the Periodic Table through simulations, a data-collection lab, and formative and summative assessments. This Lesson Guide is a TI-Nspire PublishViewTM document.

About the Lesson

The Periodic Table is the most basic and important tool for chemists. Much of the progress that has been made in Chemistry comes as a result of the development of the Periodic Table and research into the structure of the atom. The present Periodic Table is based upon and explained by our knowledge of the structure of the atom.

This Lesson Guide allows you to preview the variety of activities provided for this module, as well as give a suggested flow (lesson plan) of the lesson. The Lesson Guide is a PublishViewTM document (.tnsp).


The Periodic_Assess.tns file contains questions associated with this module, but may contain additional related materials not specifically covered in this module. This file is provided in Exam mode. If you wish to use them as a self-check or review, this property can be changed under Question Properties in the TI-Nspire Teacher software prior to providing the file to students.