Education Technology

Physics Made Easy - Trial Edition

Activity Overview

In Physics Made Easy - Trial Edition, students will use TI-Nspire™ technology to explore common physics problems utilizing step-by-step processes.


  • Center of mass
  • Projectile motion
  • Coulombs Law
  • Scientific notation

About the Lesson

In "Physics Made Easy- Trial Version", there are four different activities for students to practice solving common physics problems, utilizing step-by-step processes. To access the different activities within the TNS file, from the title screen, MENU >

  • Mechanics> (1) Find Center of Mass

    Find Center of Mass Step-by-Step: Learn how to solve the center of mass by plugging in distances and masses in the boxes, and viewing the steps below to find its center of mass.

  • Kinematics> (4) Linear Motion v=vo +a*t

    Projectile Motion Step-by-Step: Learn how to perform projectile motion by plugging in the initial velocity and angles in the boxes, and viewing the steps below to find its distance travelled, landing time and highest point.

  • Electricity and Induction> (1) Electricity: Coulombs Law

    Coulombs Law: Learn how to perform Coulombs Law by plugging in the given values in the boxes and finding the unknown below.

  • Extras> (5) Convert: Normal to Scientific Notation

    Convert Scientific to regular notation and back: Learn how to convert scientific to regular notation and back by plugging in the given value in the box and viewing the converted value below.

  • Note that all items with a check-mark next to it are functional in this trial version, so there are more activities available in the file to preview then those listed above. For more information on purchasing the full version, visit SMARTSOFT.