Education Technology

Exploring the Formula for Area of a Triangle: How was it Derived?

Activity Overview

This activity is designed to be paperless. The entire lesson is written to be placed in the Nspire. Students will explore how the formula for area of a triangle works and why it works, they will also explore altitudes and medians of triangles.

Before the Activity

You will need to send Nspire document to student handhelds prior to the activity. Have students save the activity under a new file name as they will be constucting diagrams within the activity and they may not finish in one class period.

Instructor might want to have students work with a partner for this activity.

During the Activity

This is designed to be a student exploration. Instructor will need to circulate to assist when needed, answer questions, and keep students on task.

After the Activity

At the end of the activity, have students turn in paper with answers to questions, or collect student files to instructor's computer.