Education Technology

Mtching the Sports Equipment

Activity Overview

The students will use the background picture with 2 pieces of sports equipment, they will conect the 2 pieces of equipment by writing the linear equation that would conect the 2 pieces of equipment.

Before the Activity

Ths tudents should have had instruction on calculating the slope using 2 ordered pairs on the coordinate plane. They will then need to explore how to calulate the y interecpt by inserting one of the coordinates x and y values into the slop interecept equation: y=mx+b.

During the Activity

The background pictures will be used through the activity center of the Navigator system. Once the background has been loaded, the graph with background, will need to be sent to the students. They will calculate the coordinates of the pieces of equipment and continue working on calculating the slopes and y intercepts of the equations. They will then need to submit the equations. Once the equations have been submitted there will be discussion on the different equations, not all students will pick the exact same points on the equipment and the different equations allow discussion to take place about the different y intersepts and slopes and how these affect where the equation is placed on the grid.