Education Technology

Recipe: Unit Rate

Activity Overview

Students look at unit rate in a real-world context. They will use ratios to create points, plot them, and determine the mathematical relationship for the plotted points. Then, they will predict other points based on the relationship determined.


  • Students will use a ratio to create and plot points and will determine a mathematical relationship for plotted points.
  • Students will compute the unit rate given a ratio.
  • Students will predict ordered pairs based on a given ratio.


  • ratio
  • unit rate
  • linear relationship
  • proportional relationship

About the Lesson

This lesson involves the use of a given ratio to plot sets of points within a real-world context.
As a result, students will:

  • Recognize the linear relationship of the set of points.
  • Predict ordered pairs based on the given ratio.
  • Compute and use the unit rate for a given ratio.
  • Recognize the set of points will include (0, 0) and (1, r) where r is the value of the unit rate.