Education Technology

Secants, Tangents, And Angle Measures

Activity Overview

This activity is intended to be used as an interactive tool to help students learn about the relationships between the the angles and arcs formed with intersecting secant and tangent lines.

Before the Activity

  • Students will need a working knowledge of the TI-Nspire handheld.
  • Students will also need to understand what secant and tangent lines are prior to the activity.
  • This activity could be a stand-alone activity or it could be used as follow-up to check for understanding or to reinforce learned material.
  • During the Activity

    This activity was designed to be used by individual students with handhelds.
    Alternatively, a teacher could open the activity using TI-Nspire software, project it onto the front of the room and have the class work together instead. In this instance, it is important to switch the view to TI-Nspire Handheld View for the activity to display correctly.

    After the Activity

    At this point the teacher may select activities to reinforce the students' learning or to check the students' understanding.