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Step by Step Differentiation - Calculus Made Easy

Activity Overview

In Calculus, finding a derivative involves using chain, product, quotient or power rule depending on the function given. This activity will show you the correct rule and how it is applied step by step.


Using this file for TI-Nspire, students will learn how to differentiate any function in their calculus class using a step-by-step process. Students will plug in in the functions, and view the steps to find its derivative below.


  • derivative
  • steps
  • calculus
  • differentiation
  • chain rule
  • product rule
  • quotient rule
  • power rule

About the Lesson

The Step by Step Differentiation is part of the "Calculus Made Easy- Trial Version". From the title screen, MENU > Derivatives > (8) Step by Step Differentiation. Note that all items with a check-mark next to it are functional in this trial version, so there are more activities available in the file to preview. For more information on purchasing the full version, visit SMARTSOFT.