Education Technology

The Number of Years

Activity Overview

Students' will chart the various ages of the other students in their classroom then the students will multiply the ages by 2 using a lower level calculator, they will then add up the total ages using the same calculator - they can now divide the class into two groups (boys/girls) and see which group has more total years - the last thing would be for the students to try to find a new way of coming up with the answer without multiplying all students by 2

Before the Activity

Have the students record all of the students ages that are in that class.

During the Activity

  • Once the students have collected all the various ages they should each be given a TI-10 calculator

  • Have the students multiply the ages of each student by 2

  • The students should then add up their new total

  • Now have the students look at the boys and girls as separate groups. Repeat the process

  • Ask the students if there is an easier way to find the new totals without multiplying each students' age by 2
  • After the Activity

    Have students' explain to the class their new ways of coming up with their new totals.