Education Technology

Diffusion Data Collection Lab

Activity Overview

In this lesson, students will use varying molarities of a salt solution to observe diffusion through a membrane.


  • Students will explore the movement of molecules through a membrane via diffusion.
  • Students will explore the effects of concentration gradient on diffusion rate.


  • diffusion
  • concentration gradient
  • molarity
  • conductivity
  • permeability

About the Lesson

This activity involves students conducting 4 separate trials using 4 different molarities of a salt solution.

As a result, students will:
  • Use a conductivity probe to understand diffusion rates.
  • Develop an understanding of the effect of the concentration of a solution on the rate of diffusion across a selectively permeable membrane.

You may want to have students create a Lab Report using TI-Nspire following this lab activity. A sample lab report is provided in the downloads.