Education Technology

Inscribed Regular Polygons

Activity Overview

Students will calculate the changing area and perimeter of inscribed polygons as the number of sides increase. The measurements will be recorded in a spreadsheet for analysis. Students will be learning to use the measurement tools and the Hide/Show function of the TI-Nspire. Students will be asked to predict the general results for the given process with a 50 sided polygon.

Before the Activity

Load calculator activity on each student calculator. Have viewscreen or a multi-media projector available to display the instructor's calculator activity for discussion and assistance.

During the Activity

Students can work in pairs to enable peer asistance. An assessment rubric and an explanation of expectations should be provided by the teacher. Students can work through the activity at their own pace, but should participate in whole class discussion during the activity. All work should be entered into the student calculator document and saved with an appropriate filename.