Education Technology


Activity Overview

This activity is meant to be used by the teacher with one TI-Nspire™. Students are given an answer sheet and they select which graph is represented on the screen, given a choice of two.

The teacher can add more pages if desired, or copy and change graphs that represent different types of functions. This activity can be used as a template that the teacher would use to create more pages/types of functions. Suggestions are given on the first few pages of the activity. Equations are hidden.

Before the Activity

Download the TNS file and send to all student calculators. If you want students to use an answer sheet, you will need to make this.

During the Activity

The teacher can give oral directions to the students. They will see two graphs with an equation written above the graphs. Students are to record A or B (whichever graph they think matches the equation).

After the Activity

The teacher can collect and grade the student work. This can be used as formative assessment which can guide the teacher as to how much reteaching, if any, needs to be done during the following class period. This can be used as an exit slip or warm-up activity since it is quick but allows for useful assessment information.