Education Technology

Eye Spy

Activity Overview

Students use the CBR 2? to gather data and identify "eye spy" objects. They interpret and analyze graphs of height as a function of time, and use the change in the y-coordinates of an ordered pair to determine the height of an object.

Before the Activity

Discuss with the students the game that many children play while in the car, ?eye spy?. The fundamental nature of this game is for one person to ?spy? (or see) something and while keeping the identity a secrete give clues or slight descriptions of what they spy. The other person will take guesses as to the identity of what has been spied. In this activity the CBR 2 will be used as ?eyes? to help identify the objects that have been ?spied?.

During the Activity

Follow the instructions on the .pdf file.

After the Activity

Review with students and repeat as necessary.