Education Technology

VIC: Differentiation Test 6A

by Texas Instruments


Formative or Summative Assessment for differential calculus including:

  • Product rule,
  • Chain rule,
  • Implicit differentiation,
  • Inverse trigonometric functions,
  • Concavity,
  • Parametric equations,
  • x=f(y)
  • Related rates


Gradient, rate, normal, tangent, asymptote, local minimum, local maximum, concavity (convex)

About the Lesson

The TI-Navigator system provides immediate feedback to students, the classroom teacher and even parents; the immediacy of feedback is extremely powerful. Send the assessment file to students, allow them sufficient time to complete then collect. Navigator will correct and analyse all the student responses. The review space can show the collective class responses allowing teachers to focus revision on problematic questions and target future learning. TI-Nspire users without a Navigator system can change the question type to self-assess and then distribute via the transfer tool in the TI-Nspire Teacher software. Student’s calculators will automatically identify whether they have correctly answered the question allowing them to see their progress. These files may be used in the classroom or set as homework. Even if you are not using TI-Nspire or Navigator you can print the single page, double sided PDF version of the test and use the answer sheet provided to correct student work.