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Lists & Spreadsheet Application

The Lists & Spreadsheet application gives you a place to work with tabular data. It lets you:

Store numeric data, text, or math expressions.
Define a table cell in terms of the contents of other cells.
Define an entire column based on the contents of another column.
Share columns of data as list variables with other TI‑Nspire™ applications. Also share individual cells as variables.
Work with variables created in the Graphs & Geometry and Calculator applications.
Collect tables of real-world data from sensors.
Generate columns of data-based sequences that you define.
Plot table data using the Data & Statistics application.
Generate a table of values for a function.
Copy and paste table data from the Lists & Spreadsheet application to other computer applications, such as TI Connect™ software and Excel® spreadsheet software.
Perform statistical analysis on lists of data.

Adding a Lists & Spreadsheet Page

To start a new document with a blank Lists & Spreadsheet page:

From the main File menu, click New Document, and then click Lists & Spreadsheet.

Handheld: Press c, and select Lists & Spreadsheet .

To add a Lists & Spreadsheet page in the current problem of an existing document:

From the toolbar, click Insert > Lists & Spreadsheet.

Handheld: Press ~ and select Insert >Lists & Spreadsheet.


Lists & Spreadsheet tools (available when a Lists & Spreadsheet work area is active)


Sample Lists & Spreadsheet work area


Lists & Spreadsheet entry line


Lists & Spreadsheet data plotted in the Data & Statistics application

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