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Creating Spreadsheet Data

You can type numeric values, text, or formulas into body cells. Column formula cells can contain formulas only. (For more information, see Generating Columns of Data.)

Data Examples





Simple numeric entry


Text - Enclose categorical data (such as the names of colors used in a study) within quotes to distinguish them from variable names.

Handheld: Press / r to enter quoted data.


Formula - Consists of an “=” symbol followed by an expression.

You can type the expression or use the Catalog and expression templates to build it. For more information, see the Calculator section.

To ensure a decimal result instead of a fraction, type one of the integers in the expression as a decimal. For example, type 1.0 instead of 1.

ClosedTyping a Math Expression, Text, or Spreadsheet Formula
ClosedInserting a Cell Range into a Formula


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