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Navigating in a Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet includes a column letter at the top of each column and a row number on the left of each row. The top two rows and the row numbers remain in place as you scroll. You can name a column of data to make it available as a list variable in TI‑Nspire™ applications.


Column reference letter


Column name cell for defining a column as a list variable


Column formula cell for generating a column of data


Row reference number


Body Cells - Any empty (void) element in a list is displayed as an underscore (“_”). Any value that cannot fit in a cell’s width is truncated (143489...). Hover over the cell to display the complete value.


Entry line (includes cell reference for current cell)

You can select any cell to view or edit its contents. When a spreadsheet is larger than the Lists & Spreadsheet work area, you can move to different parts of the spreadsheet by using the Tab key and by pressing shortcut keys.

Press Tab to move between the body of the spreadsheet (data zone) and the column names and formulas (naming zone).
Press , , , and to move through the spreadsheet one cell at a time (move between cells within a zone). The arrow keys move the cursor from cell to cell and scroll as necessary to keep the selected cell in view.
Move across several cells at a time by pressing Page up, Page Dn, Home, and End.

Handheld: Press / 9(Page up), / 3 (Page Dn), / 7 (Home), and / 1 (End) keys.

Use the Go To command on the Actions menu to select a specific cell. Type the cell’s column letter and row number (such as G16).
Press Enter to put the selected cell in Edit mode.
Drag the scroll bar to move vertically without changing the cell or block of cells selected.


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