Education Technology

QLD (Nspire): Geometric Sequences and Series

by Texas Instruments


  • Generation of a geometric sequence and series using Sigma notation.
  • Use the calculator to generate the formula for a Geometric Series
  • Gain an understanding of Geometric Sequences and Series through powerful visuals.
  • Use accurate mathematical notation.


  • Geometric Sequence
  • Geometric Series
  • Summation (Sigma Notation)
  • Term
  • Ratio

About the Lesson

Imagine you just arrived home from school, you’re really hungry. You decide the block of chocolate will help you with your homework. Pretty soon half the block is gone, so you quickly put it back in the refrigerator. Your brother arrives home, spots the half eaten block of chocolate and immediately breaks half the remaining block off for himself. Dad’s next, when he visits the refrigerator he too breaks off half the remaining block. How long will the block last you wonder?

This introduction combined with a dynamic representation and accurate mathematical notation is used for the basis of introducing and exploring Geometric sequences and series.