Education Technology

VIC: Finance Solver

by Russell Brown


Use the TVM Solver to correctly amortise loans and calculations involving investments and annuities.


  • Number of Payments (N)
  • Interest Rate (I%)
  • Principal Value (PV)
  • Payment Amount (PMT)
  • Future Value (FV)
  • Payments Per Year (PpY)
  • Compounding Periods Per Year (CpY)
  • Payment at Time (PmtAt)

About the Lesson

This worksheet / activity takes into account examiner feedback about typical errors by students when using the TVM (Time-Value-Money) finance solver. Students are provided with valuable information about when a value should be positive/negative, how to write percentages and the meaning behind each entry.

A companion video in the Student Examination Series also exists to support this document and valuable TI-Nspire feature. Check out the student exam readiness series in the student section of the website.