Education Technology

Year 10: Parallel and Perpendicular

by Texas Instruments


The aim of this activity is to provide students with practice find equations to lines parallel or perpendicular to other lines, including some application questions. The video provides sufficient information for students to complete the activity using their TI-Nspire calculator. 


  • Gradient
  • Slope
  • Parallel
  • Perpendicular
  • Midpoint
  • Trapezium (Application)
  • Parallelogram (Application

About the Lesson

This activity is part of a complete series on Coordinate Geometry. This activity focuses on parallel and perpendicular lines. Other activities in the series include the circumcentre, orthocentre, centroid and Euler line (triangles). This activity focuses on the basic skills of finding equations to lines that are parallel or perpendicular to another including some application style questions.