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Mathematics lessons for IB® Diploma Programme

Applications and Interpretation | Calculus

Relating Rates


  • Students will be introduced to related rates.
  • Students will use differentiation, including implicitly, to apply related rates to real world situations.
  • Students will try to make a connection with how to understand these topics in IB Mathematics courses and on their final assessments.


  • Related Rates
  • Differentiation
  • Implicit
  • Rate of Change

About the Lesson

In this activity, students are able to apply their knowledge of finding a derivative and using implicit differentiation as they are introduced to the topic of related rates. In several problems, students will have two variables, which are both changing with time. With each problem, one variable’s rate of change at a given instant will be known and the student will need to find the second variable’s rate of change at that same instant.

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