Education Technology

Year 9: Pet Car Alarm

by Texas Instruments


It is strongly suggested that if your students do not have much familiarity with coding on the TI calculator, they should begin with 10 Minutes of Code lessons or the introductory activity: “DIY Mood Ring with TI-Innovator” project to build basic coding skills, and then progress to more complex projects like this one. This project also includes references to specific 10 Minutes of Code lessons for additional support on the student tasks, if needed.


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About the Lesson

In this TI-Innovator™ project, students will explore the science behind the greenhouse effect and apply their knowledge to design a product to solve a real world problem of pets dying due to owners leaving them in hot cars. Students will have to utilise math skills, computer programming and engineering to design and build a “smart” pet alarm system for a model car. Students will use several sensors alongside the TI-Innovator Hub to design and build the smart alarm that could save pets!