Module 18 - Antiderivatives as Indefinite Integrals and Differential Equations
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 Lesson 18.2: A Script For Discovering an Indefinite Integral Rule

In this lesson you will download and execute a script that develops another rule for finding antiderivatives. Once the script is on your TI-89 you can execute it to discover the indefinite integral rule by evaluating three types of indefinite integrals that each have the form . You will then be asked to find a general rule for indefinite integrals that have the same form.

Downloading the Script intconst

  • Click here to download the script intconst
  • Choose to save the file
  • Save the file on your local hard disk in a folder that you can access later

Transferring the Script to the TI-89

Click here to get information about how to obtain the needed cable and to review the procedure to transfer the program from your computer to your calculator.

  • Transfer the script intconst to your TI-89
  • Clear the Home Screen

Opening the Script

  • Open the Text Editor by pressing
  • Select 2:Open
  • Display the Variable submenu by pressing
  • The variables submenu will display a list of all scripts stored in the TI-89.

  • Highlight intconst

  • Select the script by pressing

  • Split the screen by pressing and selecting 1:Script view
Toggling Between the Two Screens

A darker border indicates the active part of the screen. You may toggle between the two screens by pressing .


The script intconst walks you through the discovery process of finding the general rule for by evaluating examples of the integrals shown below and predicting a general rule for each type:

You may want to record the results of the calculations for use in making a prediction. When prompted to make a prediction, write your response before proceeding to the next command.

  • Execute the entire script one step at a time by pressing

The last comment in the script is

"Write a summary of what you have learned from these examples. Use a formula involving an integral."

18.2.1 Write a rule for finding .
Click here for the answer.

  • Clear the split window by pressing
  • Return to the Home Screen by pressing

18.2.2 Illustrate the family of curves associated with .
Click here for the answer.

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