Education Technology

Year 9: Ranger Introduction

by Texas Instruments


The overall aim is for students to develop their coding skills through a relevant practical example. Higher levels of mathematics and mathematical concepts can be incorporated if desired including piece-wise functions, addition of functions, reciprocal or exponential functions as desired. The FREE 10 minutes of coding lessons can be used to supplement the coding, however sufficient detail is provided in the activity.  


Mathematics Coding
  • Linear
  • Inversely proportional
  • Reciprocal
  • If / Then / Else
  • While / EndWhile
  • TI-Innovator Commands

About the Lesson

In this activity students use the TI-Innovator and Ultrasonic Ranger sensor to simulate a car reverse sensor. Students are provided with coding instructions which assume almost no prior coding experience, however there are opportunities for those with experience to extend the functionality of the sensor project. Students program audible and visual feedback based on distances measured by the Ultrasonic Ranger. Students can use linear functions or more elaborate choices for varying the light and sound. There are many ways this activity can be used to extend the mathematical content all through the context of a vehicle reverse sensor.