Education Technology

Year 9: Exploring the Depths with Uniform Motion

by Texas Instruments


  • Students learn about:
  • Uniform (non-accelerated) motion
  • Change in position
  • Speed
  • Velocity


  • Position
  • Speed
  • Velocity
  • Y-intercept
  • Slope

About the Lesson

Sonja Sonar is an ROV (Remote Operation Vehicle) mechanical engineer and has designed an ROV that can go deep into the ocean, in search of the elusive Giant Squid thought to live deep in the Marians trench. Presently, she has lost control of the ROV, which she believes has become stuck under a shelf in the canyon. To free the ROV, she needs to design a hoist to lower a search vehicle into the ocean to locate the stranded ROV and free it from its entanglement.
As a result, students will engineer and build a small hoist to raise or lower an object 1 vertical meter.