Education Technology

Year 9: Credit Cards

by Texas Instruments


  • ACMNA192 - Simplify algebraic expressions involving the four operations
  • ACMNA194 - Solve linear equations using algebraic and graphical techniques. Verify solutions by substitution.
  • ACTDIP040 - Design algorithms represented diagrammatically and in structured English and validate algorithms and programs through tracing and test cases


Mathematics Coding
  • Mod
  • Variable
  • Integer
  • For / Endfor
  • If / Then / Else
  • Request
  • Display

About the Lesson

Students check the validity of a credit card number by-hand and then work through the process to convert the algorithm into a digital format, a computer code. The code incorporates modular arithmetic and scientific notation to deconstruct the credit card number with follow up questions used to validate the code. Challenge questions are then provided to students which involve producing and solving simple linear algebraic equations.