Module 1 - Describing Functions
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Have you heard of the Rule of Three? This rule says that functions should be described three ways: symbolically, graphically and numerically. As you investigate functions from each of these three perspectives and see how the three representations are connected, you will gain a deeper understanding of the important mathematical concept of function. The TI-89 provides a platform to investigate functions in these three different ways.

Lesson Index:

    1.1 - Basic Features

    1.2 - Describing Functions Symbolically

    1.3 - Describing Functions Graphically

    1.4 - Describing Functions Numerically

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Reset the TI-89 to its factory default settings
  • Adjust the calculator contrast
  • Define and use a function on the TI-89
  • Enter and edit commands on the Home Screen
  • Display a function graphically
  • Use the table feature of the TI-89 to describe a function numerically
  • Find roots symbolically, graphically and numerically

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