Module 24 - Power Series
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In this module you will learn to represent power series algebraically and graphically. The graphical representation of power series can be used to illustrate the amazing concept that certain power series converge to well known functions on certain intervals. In the first lesson you will start with a power series and determine the function represented by the series. In the last two lessons you will begin with a function and find its power series representation.

Lesson Index:

    24.1 - Power Series

    24.2 - Maclaurin Series

    24.3 - Taylor Series

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define and graph the partial sums of a power series
  • Illustrate the interval of convergence for a power series
  • Differentiate and integrate a power series to obtain other power series
  • Find Maclaurin series for a function
  • Find Taylor series for a function

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