Module 3 - Functions and Transformations
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 Self Test

  1. List the transformations on in a correct order to produce the graph of Sketch the graph. Check your graph with a calculator.
  2. An investment of $500 is compounded annually at an interest rate of 7%. When will the investment double?
  3. Transform the equation 10 = 100(.9897)x into a "zero" problem and solve for x with the Graph screen's Zero feature of your calculator.
  4. The quotient rule for logarithms says Describe the transformation of
    Y1 = log(x) that produces the graph of
  5. A cup containing a hot liquid with an initial temperature of 94° C is set out to cool in a room where the temperature is 23° C. The data in the table below show how the liquid cools. Transform the data to make it exponential and find the exponential regression equation for the transformed data. Shift this equation to fit the original equation. What is the final equation?

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