TI-SensorLink Adapter and Vernier Sensor Data Sheets

The TI-SensorLink Adapter Data Sheet and Vernier Sensor Data Sheets include the following; a product name and number, a brief description, a product image, specifications, how the component connects to the TI-Innovator™ Hub, and Hub commands with simple code samples.

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TI-SensorLink is not a data collection solution. USB connected probes or Lab Cradle remains a superior solution for pure data collection and analysis.
The Hub commands for the TI-SensorLink with the Vernier analog sensors are currently not part of the Hub App (CE family) or the Hub menu (TI-Nspire™ CX).
The new commands and keywords will either need to be typed in OR copied from an existing program. Please note that any typographical errors in the keywords will result in an error indication in the sketch.