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Light Sensor

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Light Sensor




The Light Sensor can be used for measurements of light intensity in a variety of situations.


See Also:User Manual


Environmental Sensor

Hub Connection

TI-SensorLink Adapter for TI-Innovator™ Hub

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The Light Sensor is sensitive enough to pick up the 60 or 120 Hz flicker of overhead fluorescent lamps, which may interfere with light experiments. If you think such interference may be occurring, try the following:

First, eliminate all artificial light sources (except battery-powered flashlights) and try your experiment again.
Next, test the Light Sensor positioned as you plan to use it. Set the sampling at 1000 points/second for 0.1 second. If the flicker is the problem, you will see a drastic variation in the light intensity with a period of 60 or 120 Hz (50 or 100 Hz outside of North America).
If the overhead flicker is an issue, set the sampling rate to a number that is not a factor of 60. For example, using 30, 20, or 10 samples/s is worse than using 17, 23, 27 samples/s.


See: Full Specifications here.

Default calibration values

0–600 lux

slope: 154 lux/V

intercept: 0 lux

0–6000 lux

slope: 1692 lux/V

intercept: 0 lux

0–150000 lux

slope: 38424 lux/V

intercept: 0 lux