Module 21 - Sequences and Series
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In this module sequences and series are investigated graphically, numerically and analytically. Visualization of sequences and series can be a powerful way to conceptualize convergence and the TI-89 Sequence Graphing mode can be used to assist in this visualization.

Lesson Index:

    21.1 - Sequences

    21.2 - Series and Sequences of Partial Sums

    21.3 - Recursively Defined Sequences

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Use the sequence and summation features of the TI-89
  • Graph sequences with your TI-89
  • Use the TI-89 to make tables of sequences
  • Graph the sequence of partial sums for a series
  • Use graphs and tables to support the concept of convergence
  • Define sequences recursively

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