Module 20 - Differential Equations and Euler's Method
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In this module you will use differential equations to model the logistic growth data used in Module 3. You will also study Euler's method, which is a numerical method for approximating solutions to differential equations. Euler's method will help you understand how the TI-89 differential equation graphing mode works. In the last lesson you will learn to solve higher-order differential equations using the TI-89.

Lesson Index:

    20.1 - Logistic Growth Revisited

    20.2 - Euler's Method

    20.3 - Second-Order Differential Equations

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Find the constant in a logistic differential equation that best fits a given data set using the method of "guess and check"
  • Use the deSolve command to find a solution to a differential equation for logistic growth
  • Use Euler's method to approximate numerical solutions to differential equations
  • Use the TI-89 "ans" feature
  • Solve second-order differential equations with deSolve
  • Find graphical and numerical solutions to higher-order differential equations with the TI-89 Differential Equation graphing mode.

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