Module 10 - Rules of Differentiation
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 Lesson 10.4: The Chain Rule

In this lesson you will download and execute a script that develops the Chain Rule for derivatives. After you download the script to your computer you will need to send it from your computer to your TI-89. Once the script is on your TI-89 you can execute it to discover the Chain Rule without keying in each command.

Downloading the Script to Your Computer

  • Click here to download chain to your computer
  • Choose to save the file
  • Save the file on your local hard disk in a folder that you can access later

Transferring the Script to the TI-89

Click here to get information about how to obtain the needed cable and to review the procedure to transfer the program from your computer to your calculator.

  • Transfer the script chain to your TI-89 calculator
  • Clear the Home Screen

Opening the Script

  • Select "OPEN" from the Text Editor's dialog box by pressing
  • Display the scripts stored on your TI-89 by pressing

  • Highlight "chain" and press

  • Split the screen by pressing and selecting 1:Script View

  • Execute the script one step at a time by pressing

You may want to record the results of each command and review them to see the pattern of the derivatives. When prompted to make a prediction, write your response before proceeding to the next command.

The last comment in the script is "Write the derivative of f(g(x))."

10.4.1 Predict the result . Click here for the answer.

Using the Computer to Enter Comments

The comments in the Chain Rule script were added using a computer with TI-Graph Link. This can be much faster than using the TI-89 to type in each character. Use the "Receive" option in the "Link" menu of TI-Graph Link to copy the script from your TI-89 to your computer. After the script is saved on your computer you can open it with the "Open" feature in the "File" menu and add comments. When you're done, save the file and then send it back to your TI-89.

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