Module 10 - Rules of Differentiation
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Discovering a rule or theorem is more interesting than watching someone else state and prove it. The discovery process creates a sense of ownership and a natural inclination to prove the theorem. In this module you will use the TI-89 to discover rules of differentiation by using the same type of discovery or inductive learning described in Module 2.

Recall from Lesson 2.3 the process used to discover a pattern is

  • Explore several related examples
  • Describe verbally the pattern of the results found in the exploration
  • Predict the result
  • Test the prediction
  • Extend the type of examples explored
  • Generalize

Lesson Index:

    10.1 - The Power Rule

    10.2 - The Product Rule

    10.3 - Scripts

    10.4 - The Chain Rule

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Use your TI-89 to investigate derivatives and discover rules of differentiation
  • Understand and apply rules of differentiation such as the Power, Product and Chain Rules
  • Create a TI-89 script
  • Execute a TI-89 script
  • Download a script to your calculator

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