Module 7 - Velocity
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In this module you will use data from a falling object to investigate the concepts of average velocity and difference quotients. You will use the TI-89 to investigate average velocities from symbolic, numeric and graphical perspectives. These multiple perspectives will prepare you to make the transition from average to instantaneous velocity.

Lesson Index:

    7.1 - Average Velocity

    7.2 - Instantaneous Velocity

    7.3 - Difference Quotients

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Define a function of several variables
  • Use the DrawSlp command
  • Compute average velocities from discrete data and from continuous functions
  • Visualize average velocities
  • Compute and visualize instantaneous velocities
  • Understand the relation between average and instantaneous velocities
  • Compute and visualize left-hand, right-hand and symmetric difference quotients

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