Module 4 - Limit as x Approaches a
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In this module you will use graphical, numerical and symbolic methods to investigate limits. You will begin by finding specific tolerances for a function, and then you will move to the general definition of the limit of a function. You will also use the TI-89 limit( command to examine limits.

Lesson Index:

    4.1 - Tolerances

    4.2 - Definition of Limit

    4.3 - TI-89 Limit Function

After completing this module, you should be able to do the following:

  • Use the Intersection and Trace features of the TI-89
  • Find the tolerance for x that produces a given tolerance for y in a function
  • Understand the definition of the limit of a function
  • Use the TI-89 limit( command to evaluate limits
  • Describe limits symbolically, graphically and numerically

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